Is it acceptable to wear the same outfit twice?

It goes without saying that most of us have an everyday wardrobe with staple outfits we can wear again and again for work, informal days out and friendly dinners with friends. However, the rules change when it comes to outfits for big, glitzy events such as weddings, galas, balls or other special occasions. There is often a nagging voice that tells us “I can’t wear that a second time!” as though the laws of fashion forbid an outfit to be shown off in public more than once. Is it really such a faux pas?

The celebrity fashion police

Many of us know that celebrities have it hard being in the public eye. If they’re seen wearing the same outfit more than once on the red carpet they can be utterly slated in the press. It seems that this mentality has extended to us mere mortals too and many of us feel pressured to buy a new outfit for each new occasion.

However, celebrities are often sent free clothes from designers and have huge wardrobes to pick their outfits from. We don’t have this luxury and shouldn’t be bound to the same restraints. Once you get out of the ‘only wear once’ mentality you can enjoy your favorite outfits again and again. After all, if you have a special dress which never fails to make you feel fantastic, why wouldn’t you wear it at every possible opportunity?

Rework and re-wear an outfit

If you do feel compelled to wear new outfits regularly, you can simply mix and match clothes and accessories to create unique looks. Invest in some high quality staples such as a little black dress, a smart pants suit and an elegant skirt. You can change up the accompanying shoes, bag, shirt, jacket or jewelry to adjust the outfit for each occasion.

At Second Time Around we have an ever-changing stock of gorgeous designer clothes and accessories so you can easily find a new element to update an existing outfit to wear again. Whether you need shoes, a bag, or some glitzy and gorgeous jewelry, you’re bound to find it at our store in Delray Beach, Florida. Come down with your favorite dress and let us help you add some new accessories!