Three tips for buying consignment designer gifts

Designer clothes and accessories make fantastic gifts. It’s always amazing to see the face of your loved one light up when they unwrap a Chanel bag or a pair of Gucci shoes! We love giving shoppers a little advice when buying designer items from us at our store in Delray Beach, Florida, so here are our three top tips to consider when finding designer consignment gifts.

1. Don’t go too wild

One of the best things about designer items is that often the styles are truly unique and unusual. However, when buying gifts you should be careful not to get something too wild in case it isn’t to the receiver’s taste. Unless you feel totally confident about their likes and dislikes, it’s probably sensible to go for the sleek and sophisticated black designer bag, rather than the hot pink studded number. Plus, classic styles can be worn more regularly than the exotic, unusual pieces, so it’s likely your gift will get far more use.

2. Know their size

Nothing is more disheartening than buying an item of clothing or pair of shoes as a gift just for them to be the wrong size. When buying from normal clothes shops this may not be a problem as you can easily exchange the item, but when shopping for consignment designer products from us at Second Time Around it could be that we don’t have more of the same size available. Unless you’re 100% sure that the item will fit, don’t buy it. Opt for handbags, jewelry or other accessories instead.

3. Buy for them, not for you

The tough thing about buying clothes or accessories is that style is subjective, and it’s easy to end up choosing items which we love but the one we’re buying for wouldn’t choose themselves. If you’re considering buying clothes for someone else, take the time to really understand their fashion choices. Don’t be tempted to give them something that you think they’ll look good in; if it’s not to their taste, it’s not a good gift! Try to leave your fashion preferences at the door and buy something you think would fit into their existing wardrobe.

If you need any more advice with buying designer gifts we’d be happy to help. Come to our store in Delray Beach, take a look around and just give us a shout for some friendly advice!