We have fine and lavish high-end jewelry and accessories for every occasion. We sell our plush pieces on consignment. If you want the best deal you can get, come to Second Time Around, Delray Beach, and pick out your new bling today!

Affordable Designer Jewelry

All of our opulent pieces of jewelry and our unique accessories are slightly used, rare, vintage, limited edition, or almost new. We only carry the best fashion has to offer, which includes designer brands such as Chanel, Armani, Escada, Louis Vuitton, Pucci, Burberry, Coach, Dior, Fendi, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Kate Spade, Lilly, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Trina Turk, Versace, and Chicos. We are not limited to these brands only, so come take a look around and you won’t believe what you’ll find.

 Matching bigger and smaller jewelry
 Blue flower necklace and earrings
 Pearl necklace and other jewelry

Purchase Jewelry

We sell jewelry and accessories on consignment. We have our experts check out each piece of jewelry that enters our shop, therefore guaranteeing 100% authenticity, as well as 100% satisfaction! If you’re looking for a new accessory for the season, or a new piece of jewelry for that special date, you’re sure to wow anyone who looks your way with a piece from Second Time Around, not to mention you’ll get it for a steal! Our prices are exceptionally affordable and impossible to beat.

Sell Your Jewelry

Eliminate the danger, eliminate the bargaining, eliminate the effort. We offer a secure and convenient, no hassle alternative to selling your fine jewelry, guaranteeing you the best potential resale price.