How to choose sunglasses to suit your face shape

Our location at Delray Beach, Florida, means we get lots of customers looking for sunglasses for the bright, sunny weather we’re so lucky to enjoy here. We’ve got an extensive range of designer shades to choose from, and welcome customers to try on as many as possible until they find the perfect pair. However, there are a few tricks you should know about choosing the right sunglasses style to suit your face shape.

Square face

To offset sharp features such a broad jawline, people with square faces can benefit from a soft, rounded frame. Circular and oval frames work well in balancing the face; try aviators or butterfly shaped shades.

Rectangular face

Similar to the square face, but a little narrower and more elongated, rectangular faces can get away with big, dramatic shades. Usually they can go for almost any style of shades too; just make sure they’re not too small and narrow as they can make the face seem unbalanced.

Diamond face

People with diamond shaped faces tend to have gloriously high cheekbones, so should show them off with sleek, oval frames. Ensure the shades aren’t wider than the cheekbones, as this can emphasize the width of the face and make the chin look unnaturally narrow.

Round face

Rounded frames can look odd on people with round faces, so stay away from curved and oval frames and choose angles instead. Rectangles, square and wrap around frames are best as they help to elongate the face. Thick, chunky frames tend to work well on round faces, too.

Heart face

People with heart shaped faces tend to have wide foreheads and narrow chins, so choose sunglasses that elongate the face. Shades with a wide lower edge are great, but avoid a straight edge on top as this can make the temples look wider and out of proportion.

Oval face

People with oval faces are the lucky ones; they can wear any style of sunglasses and pull them off perfectly thanks to their balanced face shape. The only small tip is to avoid very large frames, which could swamp the face.

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