Shop brick and mortar consignment to avoid buyer’s regret

At Second Time Around, located right off Atlantic Ave in sunny downtown Delray Beach, Florida, we carry a constant rotation of secondhand clothing, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and sunglasses. We have contemporary and vintage styles, each hand-picked for superior quality and style.

The limits of online shopping

Over the past decade, online shopping has become incredibly popular. It seems like you can buy everything online these days. Shopping online works great for items you are already familiar with, like household basics, or with items that are all the same, like a copy of the latest mystery novel. But anyone who has ever tried to shop online for clothing, especially secondhand clothing, can tell you what a gamble it is. You might find an occasionally great piece, but you will spend a lot of money shipping back items that don’t fit or that don’t flatter, if you can even return them at all. Online shopping can be such a disappoint it can cause you to forget how much fun fashion can be.

Try it on in person!

Shopping for secondhand clothing is like hunting for treasure. At Second Time Around, we’ve done the first step by ensuring that only quality, fashionable pieces make it to the sales floor, but you still have the job of finding the special items that are right for you.

We do display many of our products online for you to browse before you come in, but you never know exactly how a dress is going to drape on your figure until you’ve worn it for yourself. You can view the color and quality in a brick and mortar store to ensure that you have found just the right ring or handbag, too. Bring in the sweater you hope to pair a necklace with, and you will find that you always make just the right purchase.

Explore new possibilities in store

By coming into a consignment store, you are opening up the possibility of finding hidden gems. The truth is that online shopping might lead you to dismiss earrings that do not show their full potential in photos, and instead you might be fooled by an expert photographer into purchasing a low quality gown. Avoid this problem and step away from your computer screen by coming into Second Time Around today, or just stop by next time you’re in downtown Delray Beach, Florida for lunch along luxurious Atlantic Ave.