What We Can Learn from the Lives of Two Legendary Fashion Designers

Great fashion comes directly out of the personality of the designer.

It fits people’s natural beauty, and accentuates it.

Two of the designers whose brands we carry – Armani and Vuitton – exemplify this in their lives and their brands, and we want to share with you their life stories, how their lives shaped their brands, and a key lesson we can take away from each of them.

Giorgio Armani

Italian designer Giorgio Armani grew up during World War II. His family was poor, life was tough, and he even had friends die during bombings. So he often went to the movie theater to escape from the surrounding trauma, and it was there he fell in love with the larger-than-life characters of Hollywood.

He also became fascinated with human anatomy, and enjoyed making human sculptures out of mud. So when he got a job in a department store in Milan, he became inspired to create his own line of clothes – one that combined the glamour of Hollywood with the natural beauty of the human body. That’s been the guiding vision behind all of Armani’s ensuing work.

Takeaway: good fashion starts with a person’s roots, and their body. It is simple, elegant, and emphasizes the natural beauty of the body.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton likewise grew an empire out of humble beginnings. He was born to a family with a long history of carpentry in a small hamlet in the east of France, and dreamt of the glamour of big-city life. So at the age of 13, he left home and began to walk the 200+ miles to Paris, stopping on the way to do odd jobs.

Three years later, he arrived and found work as a box-maker, which at that time was seen as a highly respected and sophisticated craft. Vuitton slowly revolutionized the packing-box, and effectively invented the modern suitcase.

His simple, luxurious designs appealed to Paris’s elite, including Napoleon Bonaparte III, and were eventually developed into the brand’s current array of luxury leather and lifestyle products.

Takeaway: the best fashion combines practicality with luxury. Vuitton built his three-year experience as a journeyman walking to Paris into his luxury trunks: Vuitton products are functional and elegant.

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