Find the perfect accessories for your outfit

If you’re anything like us at Second Time Around, you’ll have a passion for fashion that can’t be satisfied easily. At our Delray Beach location, we understand that one of the trickiest aspects of putting together the perfect outfit is finding just the right accessories to match. Don’t stress over it, just keep a few simple pointers in mind when making your choice.

What color?

One good trick to give yourself the most options in your accessories is to choose clothing that sticks to black, white, or neutrals. When paired this way, handbags or jewelry of any color will look stunning. Another good rule of thumb is to not go overboard with your color selections. Bright colors are just fine, but make sure to keep it to three different colors or less.

How big?

It’s totally fine to wear larger pieces of jewelry if they look good on you, but the key is to strike a balance between these centerpieces and the other elements of your outfit. If you have a particular necklace that you want to play center stage, then it might be better to find understated earrings, for example. The key is to make sure all elements are working together in harmony.

Make the right choice

And finally, though it is sometimes easy to get carried away and pile on all of your accessories at once, it is better to keep it simple and choose the perfect ones that will really tie your outfit together. The point is to provide accents to your overall look, but if you overburden yourself with a hat, scarf, necklaces, rings, and sunglasses, the accessories will start to overshadow your natural beauty.

Everything you need at Second Time Around

Second Time Around makes finding the perfect accessories for your outfit easy!

In order to find the most dynamic additions to your wardrobe, come visit our store in Delray Beach, Florida, where we keep our huge selection of great deal jewelry, handbags, scarves, sunglasses and more! We are looking forward to meeting you.