How to ‘step up’ your fashion game

When it comes to consignment store shopping, there’s one hidden gem product that most shoppers overlook and that’s shoes!

Whereas some shoppers are skeptical to this idea, Second Time Around in Delray Beach, Florida makes it easy to slip your foot into one of the hottest designer brand shoes, at a fraction of the price!

If the shoe fits, buy it!

We all know that you should try shoes on before purchasing, and ensure they have a little space at the front, but did you know that most of us have one foot that is larger than the other? Therefore, you should always try on shoes to fit your larger foot. Whereas we all know what size shoe we wear, it’s best to not go by the size on the box but rather the way the shoe fits. Some styles, such as open toe shoes, may require you to purchase a shoe that’s a half size larger than what you would normally wear. Measuring your foot before you go shoe shopping is a good idea because as we get older – or for some women, after they’ve had children – the size of your feet can change! The evening is the recommended time of day to measure your feet, as that’s when they’re at their largest.

Quality over quantity

You can never have too many shoes, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality for quantity. When searching for the perfect consignment shoe, a few tips will help to ensure you’re getting a sound but sartorial investment. The best crafted shoes are made of a thick and supple leather. Not only is leather always in style, but shoes that are made out of quality leather can also reduce the risk of skin irritation. Always check to see if the leather is stitched, which is preferable, rather than glued. Whereas the perfect pair of shoes should call out to you, they really shouldn’t squeak when you walk, as that can be a sign of a poorly crafted shoe. We want you to fall in love with your shoes.. but not literally fall!

Keeping shoes fresh and looking new

Now that you’ve visited Second Time in Around in Delray Beach, Florida and used our tips to find the perfect pair of designer shoes, providing loving care will help make them last. Invest in maintenance such as heel covers and toe taps to help preserve the life of the shoe. To keep your shoes smelling fresh, try not to wear them two days in a row, as your shoe will absorb sweat. If they do need a refresher, did you know that you can also wrap your shoes in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer? The extreme cold can kill any fungus or bacteria that is causing the odor. Lastly, placing cedar chips or insoles overnight inside of your shoes can make sure your shoes ‘wake up’ smelling as fresh as the morning air!

At Second Time Around, you’ll find high quality designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dior, Hermes, Fendi and so much more. By stopping in and browsing the amazing shoe selection available, you’ll find you might just walk out feeling like Cinderella!